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Shopping Bag Design

Shopping Bag Design / Carry Bag Design

When we hear the word “Shopping Bag / Carry Bag” a dull white paper or plastic bag come to our mind. Why is it like that? We normally use paper bags to carry groceries or light goods. But very few people realize, carry bag is actually a very good, cheap, effective and networking mode of Advertisement. Would you rather have a dull and plain shopping or grocery bag with you or have something that complements your brand’s style and personality, or at least something that captures the attention of by-passers?

We at Abhishek Graphics do not consider the job as Shopping bag / Carry bag designing we give it a status of Packaging Design. The bags designed by us are intended to show all the glory of the product inside the bag. We make sure that the designs are catchy and attractive. Our end goal is that your bag on its way from the store to your house tells the story of your brand and provides you with free advertisement. And most importantly we try to make the design a voiceless statement to promote your brand name.

Some of our designs are market oriented and are very specific in nature while others are out to make a voiceless statement and to create awareness of global issues, and the rest are out to put a smile on the face of your customers.

It is time to change the trend of using Shopping bag / Carry Bags just as devices to carry goods. Lets make them a tool for Branding. Regardless of their agenda, a captivating bag design – be it paper or plastic, canvas or cloth – can bring positive attention to the brands or organizations they represent

So, give us opportunity to make your design stand out. For those of you who are bored with the shape and appearance of a plain paper bag, maybe you should try to design some creative paper bag designs.

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