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Corporate Brochure Design Services in Vadodara – India

Abhishek Graphics is a leading Brochure Design Company based in Vadodara, India. Brochure designing is not a designing job for us. Brochure Design is one of the most significant print advertisement and promotion tool for any company.
The use of Brochure is a good way of promoting, launching, and introducing all types of products and services for all kinds of business and organization.

For the success of the financial advisory firm, brochure design plays an important role. Brochures can be in many sizes, shapes, folds, and formats. A brochure will help you in toning your brands and also helps potential affluent clients decide if they would like to do business with you.

Marketing play vital role in the success of any business and brochure is a versatile tool for marketing because it will help you in showing your ideas and thought to the client, it also conveys a message in a proper way to the reader, client or customer.

What should be done for creating an effective brochure? How should we design our brochure so that audience will attract to our brand? These are some questionnaires that arise in our mind while designing brochures. An answer to all these questions are given in the form of tips given below:-

1. Classify Clients:

According to receipt of material first, divide clients into one of two classes – new client or old client and treat them differently as per their requirement or need. The new client should have a small concentration so the most immediate goal is to attract them towards our brand. For this reason, brochures targeting this type of audience lead to their selling points. Focused on marketing around differentiators, compelling imagery, and a clear call-to-action. Detailed information should be kept to the minimum. And as the old client already knew about your organization then such type of client will contact you directly for the latest information or conversely you may be alerting them to a new promotion. Determine their attention span based on your involvement with them and settle on with the proper amount of content.

2. Types of Brochures:

Based on audience type choose a correct brochure style. Following are some types of brochure:

  • Supply Type Brochure:This brochure is mainly designed for a business-to-business association, which means the entire product or services are sold to other businesses directly. The supply brochure includes information about the products, their item numbers, and any detailed specifications if needed related to the product. Pricing information includes minimum order information, contact information, and shipping information. Some supply catalogs could even have an order form template that can be used by the client to place orders. Pictures can be used to help your clients choose the appropriate product, but it doesn’t have to be very fancy. An important fact about the supply brochure is that it should be designed with an efficient organization of products so that your clients can easily find what they are looking for.
  • Retail Type Brochure:This brochure is designed when a business product or service sells directly to the public. This type of brochure should be innovative and attractive, it has a “wow” factor in it. So that client will attract towards products and purchase them instantly. For such type of brochure use high-quality pictures for products.
  • Digital Type Brochure:In the latest technology world, we should all be aware of digital possibilities. Designed a virtual brochure of your products and make it available to the clients. With the proper tools download the brochure as fast as possible and then viewed efficiently. A virtual brochure can be e-mailed and can offer an online purchase option. Now your clients can order from you at their convenience, anytime, and day.
  • Booklet Brochures:Booklet brochure slightly different from supply – type brochure, it is a professional sales tool that discuss the product or service in a more informative and educational manner. Booklet brochures are designed to have numerous pages bound together, usually saddle-stitched (stapled) at the fold. Booklet brochures can have as few as 8 pages (including the cover and back) and increase in multiples of 4 pages.
  • Leaflet Brochures:This type of brochure is usually bold, colorful, and informative too. It is used to advertise a business, product, or service. Brochures are often printed on a single sheet of glossy stock and most of the time, in full color. A brochure is available in different shapes in a different way by folding the paper. The most common among them is the tri-fold brochure, folded from an 8 1/2 x 11 paper into three sections. The second one is the bi-fold brochure which is folded in the middle of the page. The bi-fold brochure can be created from an 11 x 17 size paper, folded in half.

3. Cover and content:

Always keep the first thing in mind that on a brochure cover page is the point of attracting so try to make it as attractive and vibrant as possible. To make your brochure noticeable and obtain the attention of your target audience, combine visually appealing design with an attention-grabbing headline that addresses a powerful benefit for your customers.

Everyone wanted to know about your product and service, so make the content of your brochure in such a way that it contains each and every detail about your product or services. Focus your content on the problems and challenges your customers face and how you solve them better than your competitors. Use graphs, charts or images to help support your content, and convey your message more quickly.

4.  An effective call to action:

            A good call to action tells readers exactly what you want them to do. It also stands out from the rest of the copy so that readers can’t miss it.

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