Evergreen Logo Fonts That are Classy and Enduring

Designing a logo? Evergreen Logo Fonts That are Classy and Enduring.and Deciding which font to start with can be challenging! However, there are a few things to keep in mind that will make the task easier.

Just like the clothes you wear, fonts go in and out of fashion. Unless you’re designing for a company that is trend-dependent and willing to update their logo design every few years, it’s usually best to start with a classic-looking font. Just as a classic sweater will never go out of style, a logo created with a timeless font will still look good on a business card 10 years from now.

Once you’ve eliminated all the wacky and wonky fonts, your next step is to consider whether you will be using a serif or sans- serif font.

In general, serif fonts work well for businesses that want to project a refined, traditional, sophisticated or conservative image. Choose a sans-serif font if the company you’re designing for is more trendy, bold, modern or down-to-earth. There are always exceptions, so keep an open mind. Remember that while the basic font sets the tone, what you do with it is what will give the logo its final character!

Here’s what some experienced designers think:

We asked a number of experienced designers to share some of their favourite timeless, yet eye-catching and effective fonts for you to consider when designing your business logo:


Garamond- “Less is more 99% of the time,” suggests Laura Bender, senior graphic designer at Wisconsin Pharmacal Company.LLC, who lists Garamond as one of her go-to serif fonts. It is a simple, readable font that a creative designer can take in nearly any direction.

Bembo- Based on a 15th – century typeface, this font is a great choice for a formal, classic or traditional look 11 6 Best Graphic Design Logo Fonts

Silica- Looking for a serif font with an informal twist? Silica may be just what you’re after. It’s classic enough for an enduring logo, but not so conservative as to seem static or overly formal Serif.

Some Sans Serif Fonts Below:


A perennial favorite, Helvetica plays the starring role in a staggering number of top corporate logos, including Jeep, North Face and Mattel. “Don’t under-estimate Helvetica. It’s a great blank canvas,” says Carl Cummings, principal of Carl Designs. “If you use Helvetica, find a way to make it your own,” he adds. “Creativity is still the tool of choice.”

Bebas Neue

“The font has a boldness to it that I like, and that I think fits most businesses. It’s also modern and different enough from other sans serifs that it stands out, but is still a safe choice,” explains Nate Hartman of Yellow Box Studios.


“The Metro font is widely used by many companies, including Microsoft (and) Apple,” says Hartman’s colleague, graphic designer Jay Mulakala. “One variation (that I like) is called Metro Nova. It provides a large library of metro style fonts with different personalities, perfect for any graphic designer.”