How Indian Art Inspires Graphic Designer

How Indian Art Inspires Graphic Designer

How Indian Art Inspires Graphic Designer? Graphics have a long and varied history. From animal representations found on the walls of caves in different parts of the world to the modern computer generated designs, graphic design have come a long way.

Graphic design is the profession of combining visuals/pictures, and text in advertisements, publications, art, trade-mark symbols, or websites, with the aim to establish a brand image for a business, disseminate information, and have an effect on the target audience. Indian art has always fascinated graphic designers. The rich cultural heritage of the country has provided countless images, motifs, and geometric patterns that continue to appear in graphic designs across the world. A wellspring of ideas, Indian art has for ages inspired designers to create admirable visual and textual graphics.

 Indian Mythology’s Influence on Graphic Design,They say imagination is more important than knowledge. If you ever needed a proof for the saying, you have it in Indian mythology. Epic tales such as the Mahabharata and Ramayana are replete with stories and characters that have always influenced artists. Whether it’s the blue hued, Lord Rama or the monkey god, Hanuman, or the ten-headed demon king, Ravana, the force and uniqueness of these characters have never failed to affect people. These great tales of legends have been an important part of Indian as well as world art for over two millennia.

They are a perennial source of ideas for graphic designers. Indian Architecture’s Contribution towards Graphic Design  It’s interesting how different art forms contribute to each other’s advancement. Indian architectural elements – Buddhist stupas, domes, minarets, different temple styles, and lattice windows to name a few have figured in countless graphics and inspired thousands of designers all over the world. Given the striking beauty, and grandeur of many Indian monuments and buildings, it’s not difficult to understand why many designers choose to base their work on them.

 After all who can upon visiting the Taj Mahal or ancient ruins of  Hampi, resist depicting them in their designs? Indian Motifs in Graphic Design Countless Indian motifs and symbols have inspired the work of graphic designers worldwide.

These motifs are the product of an ancient and rich civilization whose artisans, painters, sculptors and textile workers borrowed elements from their vibrant culture to create designs that even today inspire others to produce art as glorious as theirs. Graphic symbols derived from artifacts of the Harappan civilization, Bagh and Ajanta murals, Buddhist temples, as well as monasteries, have impacted quite a lot of graphic designers. Not only these – pottery and coin from reigns of different rulers, Muslim and Hindu monuments, also textiles from the different parts of the country are a rich source of inspiration for designers everywhere.

Motifs like the lotus, peacock and paisley feature in the art of many successful graphic designers. The rich history of Indian art places its graphic designers in the perfect position to produce unmatched designs, and makes India an ideal destination for graphic-design outsourcing.