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Simplify the complex data for your target audience with our creative infographic design company.

Infographic Design Company in India

Do you want complex information or data in a visually accessible format?

Did you know that over 90% of the information we process is visual? That’s why infographic design is a very popular and extremely effective way to communicate with your target audiences, regardless of sector you operate in.

Abhishek Graphics is an infographic design company in Vadodara, India. We’re experts at analysing content and breaking it down into something easier to digest. Making content more appealing, meaningful and manageable. 

Our experienced team delivers a wide range of infographic design solutions, including charts, animated infographics, timelines, pictographs, process diagrams, flowcharts and interactive infographics.

As marketing tools, website content or an educational resource, infographics are a visually appealing way to simplify your message and engage with your audience in ways that will trigger exactly the kind of reaction you’re aiming for.

Over the years we have helped a wide range of clients communicate and persuade audiences through effective infographic design. Get in touch to see how we can help you reach your goals through engaging visual ideas.

Infographic Design Services

90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual

IT Services

Information Technology industry makes use of a lot of data. We, through our infographics, help these companies represent their data and information to their customers in the simplest and attractive manner.


We are helping many schools and institutions all over the world to digitize their education infrastructure with the use of interactive infographics and designs.


Many leading businesses and marketing firms make use of our infographic services to extend the user awareness and acceptance of their products.


Use of infographics in the health industry is not new as it helps to simplify the complex medical structure, tutorials and processes for both the medical students and the doctors.


Infographic has become an important part of every online service, especially the e-commerce sites that make use of graphics for marketing and promotion of their products.


We also design user manuals, brochures and infographics for finance and related industries.



Your brand story is unique, your content should be too

Today’s audiences speak a visual language, communicating across myriad forms of media to connect, share, and engage with one another.

At Abhishek Graphic, we help you join the conversation. Our unique approach connects concept with understanding through uniquely crafted content that simplifies even the most complex information, caters to your audience, and delivers actionable results.

Let the Pictures Speak

Infographics are becoming more and more popular worldwide and can be used as bait for digital campaigns with help of embedded links. It is an effective teaching tool or as a visual presentation aid. Infographics are now being used to help portray important information to mass audiences. You can have your company data, growth or any other data in form of infographics, this way the data becomes more interesting.

Our in-house design team offers services like; Interactive infographics, Data visualisation. Static infographics and Motion Graphics. Broadly speaking the above services can be put in two categories.

Interactive Infographics

Interactive infographic is a more advanced type of an infographic that helps you stand out. These graphics have the ability to keep the audience captivated for a longer period of time. Unlike static infographic, interactive infographic is much more than just pictures. Its prime use is to provide more detailed insight of the data while enabling the user to explore different options on their own. It further allows them to personalise the visualisation and representation of data by providing them the option to insert information.

Static Infographics

Static info-graphic is the simplest and the smallest form of infographics. It comprises of basic designs and stagnant pictures. These type of graphics are much easier to share on social media platforms and websites. However, despite its simple graphics, static infographic has the ability to capture larger audience and keep them engaged with its pictorial representation of data, graphs, charts and easy to read text. Presently it is one of the most effective and affordable techniques to present complex and boring data in a more visually attractive manner.