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Logo Design Company India

Logo Design Company in India

We design your LOGO and allow it to speak for itself. Well-designed LOGO will boost your business deals and earnings. Why are you waiting for then? Join yourself with us to create your edge of achievement in your business, by the form of Simple, Unique and business oriented LOGO design.

1. Memorable. Fundamental to the logo design is that you memorize quickly. So may remember and identify any future communication platform. For a logo memorable is very important to keep the points 2, 3 and 4 of this article.

2. Colors. All aspects of the design of a logo should be oriented in one direction: make it memorable. We must ensure that the logo will remember! For this, the colors play a key role. A logo should not have more than 2 colors. It should also represent black power without losing personality. The less variety of colors you have, the easier it is to play and remember. You have to place special emphasis on the meaning of color, trying to add value to the hue you choose.

3. Shapes. Anagram that accompanies a logo must be simple, simple, and easily represent able in a single ink. Must be original, unique, flee trends, and be timeless and unique. A symbol may accompany us for years and is transcendental ending not bore us or go out of fashion in a few years. They say a good anagram is one who, after observing for a minute, the next day you can draw on paper smoothly. That means it’s simple and memorable.

4. Typography. most important thing in a typeface in the logo design , which is consistent with the philosophy and art dealing business. Another key is that we create a link between typography and logo, so that both blocks are joined into one. We never use more than two fonts in one logo.

We Also Provide Corporate Brochure Design Services

Tips for Logo Design

Pencil and paper. Arm yourself with pen and paper, but know not draw the connection between mind and hand is almost instinctive. Pass along much better inspiration. Sketches help you understand which parts of this abstract idea could work. Project several options, but not make much sense, all contribute something.

Proportions and size. When working on a logo design is a fundamental law “Less is more”. A result with simple shapes always is optimal to arrange it in different sizes. If you reduce the logo and there are areas that fail to read or lose very clearly, is that we have a bad design. One of the aspects that help the design can resize to different sizes without problems, working with vectors.

Feel. Absorb the essence of the subject and of the company before making your logo: Aims, philosophy, policy, goals, history, etc… That’s when the inspiration comes.

Break the rules. Create personality, a design different, unique, and recognizable over time. From the original basis can help you achieve this goal. Up-to-date mixing styles, colors, perspectives, sizes … anything goes for a logo unique, surprising.

Typography. Search the contrast of shapes and sizes in the text. Defines a striking and unique color. There are thousands of free fonts, many of them find in the other corporate identities, go one step further and customize as much as possible to never find anything like in other companies.

Each typeface is different, can transmit serious, carefree, passion, etc… Finds the finish line with the theme. If you mix typography and logo, which is the ratio of the two elements, is optimal for that when resizing the image, both blocks are clearly distinguishable.