Commandments of Logo Designing

Logo Design

Logo is your uniqueness. We get so many benefits of having a custom logo like, it makes us differentiate in competitors and distinguish our brand and image from others. It strengthens our brand personality and demonstrates our brand values. Not just that it helps to make you recognized in society. These are some standard benefits which everyone knows that they get from having their own custom logo.

An effectual logo influences the buying decision; increases prop up and shape the consumer experience. An effectual logo will stand out in the minds of customers. The easier something comes to mind, the more likely a person will support it.

Designing a logo is not a simple task and requires knowledge, practice and experience. In many cases we find jobs that do not meet certain fundamental characteristics. ‘s 10 Commandments for a good logo design are …

1 – Simple . Few simple forms and colors (1 or 2). Must be able to captured its essence in seconds.

2 – Readable . Fonts easy to read at any distance and personalized.

3 – Clear . It should represent the company’s business approach and philosophy / policy.

4 – Compact . Typography and logo must live together forming a single item. Group must be feeling.

5 – Color . Must be versatile in their application and that is why we must support with 1 color or finish on any type of material.

6 – Original . The logo should bring something new and be different from anything seen so far.

7 – Versatile . You must ensure that the logo can be applied in any manner and form.

8 – Durable . You must not get carried away by trends. The design should be simple enough to not go out of fashion for many years.

9 – Homogeneous . Create a brand and all its possible applications so that the assembly is consistent regardless of whether their application in different media.

10 – Ethical, Moral, Veraz . You must be consistent with the image you want to convey. It reflects your philosophy and origins. Do not kid yourself trying to look what you are not or what you can not deliver.

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