The Ultimate Social Media Festival Days Calendar 2023 India

The Ultimate Social Media Festival / Days Calendar 2024 India

The Ultimate Social Media Festival / Days Calendar 2024 India

List of Festivals / National / International Days - India - 2024 | social media Calendar

Social Media Calendar 2024 includes holidays of Festivals, Days, and all days that stir conversations on social networks that brands can be a part of. put your best foot forward and avoid the last-minute hassle when these occasions are trending on social media.

With most of the on-ground festivities moved online and social media being the hub of virtual celebrations, creating a content bank with polished campaigns helps’ brands refrain from putting out mediocre work such as the festival’s greetings on a stock.

Brands and agency professionals can highlight their products and services in an enhanced manner, which gives a facelift to the brand connections and uniqueness of the campaigns and creatives. Planning, executing, and scheduling posts on all preferred marketing platforms also saves bandwidth for real-time topical trends, rebranding, and long-format campaigns, helping brands bolster their social media marketing strategy, and also avail resources for other verticals.

Remembering important days all around the year is very tough as it includes national and international days. Being able to remember all of them can sound like big work. Every month contains a few significant holidays and occasions to honor the things that have happened.

Don't worry, we have a complete month-wise list of special national and international days to make it easy for you to maintain your social media calendars. Abhishek Graphics provide Festival Greeting Design Services for corporate, business, agencies, small business, SMEs, Retail & more at an affordable and creative rate.

We have also included Indian festivals as well, so you don't miss out on any.

Social Media Festival Calendar for 2024

Plan future wishes, for your future.

01-06-24   World Milk Day

01-06-24   Global Parents Day

05-06-24   World Environment Day

07-06-24   Donut Day

08-06-24   World Ocean Day

14-06-24   World Blood Donor Day

16-06-24   Father’s Day

16-06-24    Eid al Adha

21-06-24   Selfie Day

21-06-24   Yoga Day

21-06-24   World Music Day

25-06-24   World Vitiligo Day

30-06-24   Social Media Day

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