ID Card Design

ID (Identity) Card Design in India

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As technology advances, the identification system becomes a necessary part of regular life. Today almost all fields either it will be a school, institute, or organization, everywhere photo id card is an essential thing that has to be carried out by each and every people either he will be students or employees. An identification card can be used as a means of security and identification.


 Designing process of  Id Card:

The designing process of making photo ID cards is very complex but most people think that an ID card is just a piece of photo paper with certain information printed onto it. In the early time, some of the companies can afford to maintain id cards because designing id cards becomes too expensive. But as technology grows up, the card printer manufacturers such as Zebra, Fargo, or Magi cards were able to produce powerful, affordable, more compact, and easy to use printing devices that really made having an in-house printer an accessible plan for every organization.

1. Most time-consuming task in photo id car designing is to collect all the relevant information about the person either he will be an employee or a student. This information includes a person full name, Full address (include house no., street name, city name), contact number, blood group, gender information, unique id number, and photograph. one of the most important thing that also be included in the id card is a safety feature that cannot be copied, forged or tampered. Security options are really varied: magnetic stripes, magnetic bars, embedded chips, encrypted information, and so on.

2. Use special software that contains a variety of templates. These templates are pre-made designed and select anyone among them that suits your requirements. This software is used to create everything from the background of the card to the photo ID and the overall look of the card.

3. Then a special printer is used to print the template created in the software. Some companies have older printers and use outdated techniques that do not allow them to print all the elements on the card at the same time. They have to first create a blank template of the card, and then use that to add elements on top of it. This does not make the elements an integral part of the card, as it does for companies that use modern techniques.

4. Next laminating id card so that it will be protected against dirt or water. Cards that are not laminated do not even reach half of the life span of laminated ones, so the cost is certainly worth it.

5. Access no. is also including in cards in a very high-security corporation and institution. But the card with access no. can’t be laminated so dirt can be a problem.

Importance of ID Card:

1. It is used for security purposes. As we survive in a world where identity fraud is rampant, especially online, and as such we need more up-to-date identification systems to help us keep our identities.

2. This system is used by libraries in order to help out readers in finding the books that they want.

3. The police keep vast records of identities in their systems in order to help them keep track of criminals. They use DNA and fingerprints to keep records of people who have committed a crime. This way the police can use the fingerprints or DNA at a crime scene to find out who committed the crime quickly and effectively.


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