Design is Very Essential Thing Without Which We Have No Business

Design is very Essential thing without which we have no Business. There is intense competition, and anybody can design a decent product.When we think of the big brands of today, certain organizations come to mind. Apple, and more  just to name a few off the top of my head. All of these brands have something in common: strong design – a strong brand identity that has been designed and sculpted time and time again to create something we instantly recognize. The boss and owner of international brand, Speedo is quoted saying: ‘Design is everything. Because without it we have no business. Anybody can design a decent product – they can’t all design outstanding products. So, design is the differentiation.’Using design as the differentiation is a powerful way to hit home its true importance. But does this rule apply to small businesses and the private sector too? It can be easy to assume that the defining factor between success and failing in big brands is design, but in niche business to business markets – does it really matter?


The Abhishek Design Center found that gross revenues were around 22% higher for the companies that invested in design against those that didn’t. A surprising figure? In an ever-increasing market, people have to stand out in order to win work and be recognizable, even in small and specialist sectors. Think about your competitors, what they look like, how they put themselves across and why it makes them successful . Chances are, they look good and sound good – something that in which design plays a major role.

Last year The Design Council found that for every $3 businesses invested in design, they could expect over $20 in increased revenue, $4 increase in net operating profit and $5 in increased exports; strong numbers indeed!

With time, people are attractive aware that both in and out of the business world, the old saying ‘You get what you pay for’ rings ever true. It’s the logic of looking at the own brand digestives and the McVities chocolate digestives, and imperfect to put. It’s a testament to the fact that good design can be the thing that sets you apart from the rest, puts your customer or client at ease and assures them that you are the right partner to work with. Having a well-designed, on brand website and security can make all the difference between good customer services and value for money, or a unsatisfactory/regular customer experience. 40% of people will abandon a web page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load or if the layout is poor.

With competition so high, good first impressions are even more valuable in the professional services arena. Businesses have to work harder and more strategically than ever before to win contracts and carry on doing business and design is key to moving forward and growing. So, what is the value of design for your business?

How and why corporate leaders invest in design is a recent report from the Design Council that reveals the latest information from a range of large and small businesses, on how design has been an essential tool for business growth and innovation over the past decade. They wanted to know:

  • What triggers the strategic use of design?

  • How is design used in and integrated into organizational processes

  • How does design contribute to the success of an organization? 

Design is now firmly on the business agenda. No longer has the cherry on the cake for high-end goods and luxury branded, over the past decade it has gained relevance for the way organizations are structured, how they operate and how they think. An increasing number are starting to use design strategically – to differentiate themselves from the competition, to launch new brands and strengthen existing ones, and to inform strategic choices. There is already considerable evidence for design acting as a mechanism for business growth and innovation.”