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How Logo or Brand Design on T-Shirts Improve Business

Economy is getting sluggish and every business is trying to find innovative ways to diversify their revenue. One of the popular options is to launch and increase logo merchandise. Almost four decades ago, a young designer walked into their family store in the North Shore and said that he wanted to design t-shirts for them just to wear, not for selling. The rest, as they say, is history. The t-shirts got instant recognition and soon people started to get curious. Within a short time, these t-shirts became best selling items for the shop.



What Does Research Says?

According to the Advertising Specialty Institute’s study, branded clothing works very well for promoting brand recognition, which leads to increasing business. Brand promoting t-shirts are very popular among people on the age group of 21 to 34 years. It clearly shows that brand or logo design on t-shirts can boost your business. But how you can achieve it?

•    Be committed to your brand
•    Ensure teamwork
•    Reward employees
•    Community building
•    Increase exposure

Be committed to your brand

To promote your brand, you must be committed towards it. The direct as well as indirect consumers must get an impression that you care about your brand. For example, suppose you run a business that deals with walk-in customers. If you provide all the staff members to wear brand t-shirts, it will help the customers to easily recognize your staffs.

Ensure teamwork

Many businesses conduct events for team building within or outside the workplace. When all the workers or employees wear their branded t-shirts, it shows the loyalty and spirit of cooperation among the staffs. This result in improving team work and of course boost the business performance.

Reward employees

When you ask the employees to work hard to achieve your business goals, you must reward them as well. Have you ever thought that even while rewarding the employees like treating them in a restaurant or taking them out for a short trip can provide you a scope of brand promotion? Yes, it can. Ask the employees to wear branded t-shirts during such ‘reward’ events and let everyone know that you care for your staff for all the hard work they put.

Community building

It is important to strengthen your community. You can do it by participating in the events such as
•    Charity-sponsored gatherings
•    Art exhibitions
•    Athletic events
•    Fundraisers, etc.

Many other businesses and local people (who can be prospective customers) visit these events, which mean it provides a great platform to promote your brand. If all your employees wear branded t-shirts during these events, it shows your commitment towards building relationships. Undoubtedly, your brand will get recognized in these events and boost your business.

Increase exposure

Making your employees wear t-shirts with your business logo means increasing exposure of your brand. People move in various circles such as recreation centers, eateries, communities, business houses, sports arenas, etc. Wherever your staffs travel, the logo in their t-shorts will get noticed. This will help you to send out the message clearly without much investment. Suppose you want to advertise about your business on a billboard or television, the investment is definitely big in comparison to just print logo on the t-shorts and let the staffs wear them. This will increase exposure with cost effectiveness.