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Interrelation Between Logo Design and Branding Principles

Logo is a design or a small symbol used for giving an identity of a business. In other words, it the first visual appeal a company creates to tap consumers for attaining the desired marketing goals. Professional Logo Design and Branding is followed by naming a business and it coincides with the development of a business slogan or motto and other visual representations. Having a suitable logo in place can bring some advantages to a company in many ways.

Builds Brand Image:

A well-conceptualized  Logo Design and Branding can play a major role in creating and maintaining the image of a brand. Some reputed companies have deployed their logos in such a way that by seeing those visual demonstrations, people can easily understand the meaning of brands. Reaching the level of iconic status is critical for small businesses. However, a visually appealing and creative logo has the ability in attracting consumers toward the advertising messages.

Brings Stability to Business:

A logo provides a business with a readily documented visual symbol. By placing such symbol on all marketing collaterals, correspondence materials, emails, website, etc, consumers get repeated exposure to the brand. When more people are exposed to a logo, it becomes synonymous with the brand and the business name.

As a logo designer, you can create and offer number of logos to your client for reviewing. In addition, you should explain that a logo shares direct relationship with brand image. It means that your customer not only needs a logo, but strategies should be devised for maintaining the consistency of brand values.

Stress That You Are Hired for Formulating a Brand Idea:

When you design a logo for your client, explain to him that you are hired for generating a compelling brand idea, which forms the basis of branding activities. A logo should be an idea, one expression, which will form basis of overall approach of a brand. This kind of idea can define the characteristic of a business that can be incorporated in branding strategies.

Your Success Lies in Client’s Achievement:

When you are designing a logo, during that time, you should market a process to your client that will allow making joint decisions for formulation Brand identity solutions. This approach can help you to build a long-term relationship with your customer. If you offer superb ideas, your client will be more inclined towards you to develop brand ideas in future.

Give Examples of Successful Brands for Generating Interest:

When you are discussing about the logo design with your client, provide examples of other successful brands in order to generate interest. These examples can provide clues to identify branding elements. Properly branded businesses can be recognized by their illustration, typeface, photographic, color or with the copy writing style. You have to figure out the underlying idea, which determines those brand elements for building a robust brand image.

Use the Term “Brand Mark”:

While discussing logo designing issues with your client stop using the term logo and use the words brand mark. This helps in identifying brand elements easily. In addition, this approach will allow your client to think about the overall brand experience and not the logo in isolation.

A logo becomes meaningful in context, and it should be dealt for adding value to the context. A logo can add some value to a business. It can add more value, when it is deployed in a system containing brand marks, which ascertain an appealing brand experience of Logo Design and Branding.

A logo helps in adding value to a business. However, to make the logo more functional, you should match the concept of logo designing with branding activities.